Individual Therapy Services

Relationships Within Reach was designed with the idea that a persons relationship with themselves or another person can improve through talk therapy. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I help individuals overcome issues such as depression, anxiety and life transitions such as loss of a loved one or relationship issues.

Depression Therapy

How I Can Help

If you are experiencing the following symptoms of depression such as feelings of sadness, emptiness or hopelessness on most days; diminished interest or pleasure in activities that you once enjoyed; significant weight loss or weight gain; problems with sleeping; feelings of restlessness or fatigue; feelings of worthlessness or inability to concentrate, I can help you by utilizing a solution oriented approach to learn and implement coping skills to help you to start to feel better.

Anxiety Therapy

How I Can Help

Therapy can be helpful if you are experiencing any of the following common symptoms of anxiety such as: excessive worrying, overthinking things, indecisiveness, perceiving situations as threatening, inability to relax, feeling restless, difficulty concentrating, feeling tired or having trouble sleeping, nervousness and or sweating, racing heart or tightness in the chest, irritability or gastrointestinal issues. With a solution oriented or cognitive behavioral approach I can help to create an awareness of what leads to the anxious reaction and assist in teaching and implementing coping skills to guide you back to feeling more relaxed and better able to manage stress.

Life Transitions (loss due to a death, relationship ending, recent move or new job)

How I Can Help

Life transitions although sometimes inevitable, can be uncomfortable and challenging to deal with on your own. Whether you have recently moved, started a new job, gone through a breakup or lost a loved one, talk therapy can be beneficial in being able to recognize how this/these situation/s have impacted your daily life and in what you can do to get though this tough time and get back to feeling like yourself.