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Success Stories from People Kristina Has Helped

Kristina was great! She treated me with respect and made me feel comfortable. She suggested homework like journaling assignments that really helped me deal with a recent breakup. I would definitely recommend Kristina to a family member or friend in the future.

Kristina helped me reconnect with some family members and I really appreciate that. - former client 

She [Kristina] pushed me to face my personal issues. She was kind, understanding, patient, caring and compassionate. She often reminded me that it's okay and normal to feel the way I did and she gave me useful tools to work through some of my issues related to anxiety and depression and relationship issues.-former client

I have struggled with drugs and alcohol for many years. During my years of use I have been a part of many unhealthy and toxic relationships. About 6 months ago, I was cheated on, lied to, and manipulated. Shortly after the break-up, broken and battered, I fell into a deep depression and began using drugs and alcohol to smother my emotions. It was then that I found Kristina and I can honestly say that was, to this day, the best thing I have ever done for myself. 


While working with Kristina I realized that I was creating the chaos surrounding me. I had created an idea of what I wanted the relationship to be like and refused to see the truth of what the relationship was. She showed me how to see my life through new eyes. What I was missing wasn't him. I was missing something inside myself and she has helped me begin that search by loving and caring for myself, and my well-being. I have learned to be more patient and gentle with myself. I no longer feel the need to control everything because life doesn't have to be that serious.  


You too can find the peace and serenity that everyone deserves to have in this life and Kristina can help you on the road to attaining just that!


Be Blessed,


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