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Relationships Within Reach

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Imagine being in a relationship that exceeded your most optimistic expectations...

Going through a rough patch in your relationship or just looking to make some minor improvements?

A note to all couples from Kristina Fecik, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Couples therapy or coaching can be beneficial for a range of reasons. For example, if you are in a relatively new relationship where you might be contemplating moving in together or becoming engaged, you might like to learn how to deepen your connection with your partner, how to maintain that new relationship feeling or how to navigate stressful or unexpected life challenges that arise as a couple. Or, if you've been together through years of marriage, you might find that you've hit a rough patch in your relationship and you might be looking for some better ways to communicate with and understand your partner, how to argue less, or how to reignite romance and bring back the fun you once had as a couple. Whatever may be the case, what I've found is that most mates are looking for admiration, love, respect and appreciation. Couples therapy or coaching can be an effective way to help couples reach their relationship goals.

So now imagine being in a relationship where you were able to clearly communicate with your partner and where both of you felt understood. Imagine always feeling loved, appreciated and desired. Imagine being able to honor your personal goals and dreams while growing together as a couple. Imagine being able to navigate challenges with ease and maintain closeness with your partner. Imagine being able to maintain trust, commitment and overall happiness in your relationship. Imagine what it would be like five months from now if you didn't seek help from a couples expert versus if you did.

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